August 02, 2017

2018 Player Commitments

These players have committed for the 2018 season.

Riley Gintert
Sarah Horn
Chloe Metzger
Faith Preston
Nicole Sicking
For anyone interested in playing 18's please contact Al Royse at 513-518-4963 or email at

17 Red
Emily Collins
Carly Gallagher
Olivia Markley
Allyson Payne
Sheilah Purcell
Abby Taylor
Ashley Yeoman
Sam O'Shea

​​​​​​​17 Black
Gailee Bohman
Cortney Brooks
​​​​​​​Sam Buscher
Kaylie Campbell
Stephanie Carson
Abby Page
Ashely Richards
Amanda Stevenson
Emily Wickman
Olivia Wolfe