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Thank you for your interest in Cincy Classics Volleyball Club. Below you will find information that you will need for the upcoming tryouts for the 2014 season. At Cincy Classics, we offer two levels to choose from that include travel teams (National) and local-travel (Regional) teams. All teams are part of the
Ohio Valley Region (OVR) and we are members of USA Volleyball and JVA. All of our tryouts and practices are held at GE Park in Springdale, Ohio. If you still have any questions, please email Al Royse ( for more information.

Age Levels
Cincy Classics has National teams for ages 10 through 18 and Regional teams for ages 13 through 16. To determine what age level your daughter will be playing, please click on the link below. If your daughter tries out for a National team and doesn't make a team or alternate list, they may try out again for a Regional team position at her age level.

Competition Levels

National Teams – Are highly competitive travel teams who have practice a minimum of twice per week. These teams compete in 8-10 tournaments per year with the intent of qualifying for the National Championship tournament. Practices begin in December and last through June or July depending on whether your individual team qualifies for Nationals. Practices in December are once a week with time off for the holidays and twice a week practices begin in January. 

Regional Teams – Are teams focused on developing players through traveling locally and being less expensive to participate. These teams practice once per week and participate in 5-6 tournaments per year and commence with playing in the OVR Regional tournament. We offer these teams for ages 13 through 16. Practices begin in February and last through May. Regional teams are able to participate in weekly positional practices in addition to scheduled team practices.

Common Question: If my daughter is interested in both a Regional team & National team what should I do?
We require tryouts at both the National and Regional level. Therefore it's recommended when you pre-register for tryouts you indicate on your registration form you are interested in both National and Regional levels. If your daughter makes a National team, it's assumed you won't try out for the Regional team and accept the National position that was offered to you. If your daughter not offered a spot or alternate position on the National team, your daughter will need to attend Regional tryouts as we'll compile the best team of people interested in the Regional team and will not automatically place girls who tryout for the National team directly on the Regional team. If you are interested in both levels you do not need to pay your Regional fee upfront, we'll collect it at registration if and when that's necessary.

10s Age Level Team -
This team is focused on developing fundamentals and is similar to a Regional team. This team will practice once per week and participate in 2-3 local tournaments. Practices begin in February and last through April. The cost to participate can vary based upon the number of players, but will cost between $500.00 and $750.00 per player.

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