Cincy Classics Recruiting Seminar

General Pecking Order of Recruits
    Point scorers and elite setters will usually go first (vert, pace)
    Ball control players—longer evaluations needed, bigger pool

Websites of Significance a profile on their site for free—coaches use this website/service on smartphones at big tourneys) (often used by smaller schools to find players) registry ($25 Rich Kern membership is very helpful—gives recruiting trends, commitment news, RKPIs)
NCSA (National Collegiate Scouting Assoc)
NSR (National Scouting Report), for rules/rpi/regional rankings

NCAA recruiting dates

9/1 of junior year--written contact legal
7/1 between junior/senior year---phone contact legal
1st class Senior Year—official visits can begin (unofficials have become the norm!!)
**before these dates, the student-athlete needs to initiate contact…DO IT! And follow up often, b/c coaches cannot call/email back—and most are hard to get hold of**

What you should do

Do well in school!! It increases your choices!

Determine some ‘fits’ based upon
    -Geography—how far is your daughter willing to go?
    -School size—is your daughter ok with smaller schools?
    -Desired major—some majors will preclude schools (but 50% change!))
    -Volleyball RPI/Rich Kern ranking (I can help counsel)
Once some schools are earmarked, start an email campaign! Try to email 100 schools—all different levels!! If really hunting for athletic money, the geographic radius may need to increase. Desirable areas of the country are more competitive, as more players are seeking to go south. Top-ranked schools are also desirable for more players. Top-ranked academic schools are also more desirable. Athletic ability and test scores will determine recruit-ability to those schools. Daunting, but doable, or hire a recruiting service.

Attend recruiting combines (Bluegrass PreQ, Team Indiana first week in Dec)

Attend camps of schools recruiting you (Make sure you are really feeling the love from the school—you don’t want to waste time and money)

*Video your matches (video is a teaser for coaches to decide whether to pursue further recruitment or not, based on height/jump/power/footwork/touch on ball)

*Consider a skills video for coaches to see more touches (but well-edited match video can achieve this goal). StreamSports is recommended by Cincy Classics and does videos/editing for around $200—they will edit skills video, add game video and link it to a YouTube link (or other personal profile)
***players need to be proactive in contacting schools!!!
--based upon response rates, you will get a feel for the right fit --ARE YOU FEELING THE LOVE?? (the market will determine most fits)—Happiest players are PLAYING not sitting!!

--be open to NAIA, D2, D3—$ packaging can be surprisingly good!

If you do not have an offer, ask, “Where am I on your list?” or “How many offers do you have out right now?”